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DescriptionRosales (order), Rhamnales (includes), Rosanae (includes), Urticales (includes).
Parent nodes
Child nodes
  • taxid:3474 Ulmaceae (family), elm family (common name).
  • taxid:3608 Rhamnaceae (family), Rhamnaceae Juss., 1789 (authority), buckthorn family (common name).
  • taxid:3481 Cannabaceae (family), Cannabaceae Martinov, 1820 FAMILY COMPLETE (authority), Cannabidaceae (synonym), Cannabinaceae (synonym), hemp family (common name), hop family (common name).
  • taxid:3745 Rosaceae (family), rose family (common name).
  • taxid:3487 Moraceae (family), Moraceae Link (synonym), mulberry family (common name).
  • taxid:3499 Urticaceae (family), Cecropiaceae (includes), Urticaceae Juss., 1789 (authority), nettle family (common name).
  • taxid:48389 Barbeyaceae (family).
  • taxid:113358 Dirachmaceae (family).
  • taxid:25996 Elaeagnaceae (family), Russian olive family (common name).
See also3744
ID   3744           TAXONOMY;
DE   Rosales (order).
PA   91835 (parent ID)
CC   includes = Rhamnales
CC   includes = Rosanae
CC   includes = Urticales
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CC   This entry is a placeholder for the corresponding entry in the NCBI
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