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DescriptionMorus (genus), Morus L., 1753 (synonym), mulberries (genbank common name), mulberry trees (common name).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3487 Moraceae (family), Moraceae Link (synonym), mulberry family (common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:213035 Morus boninensis (species), Morus boninensis Koidz. (synonym).
  • taxid:873451 Morus celtidifolia (species), Morus celtidiflora (misspelling), Morus celtidifolia Kunth (authority), Morus microphylla (synonym), Morus microphylla Buckley (authority).
  • taxid:85232 Morus nigra (species), Morus nigra L. (synonym).
  • taxid:873450 Morus alba x Morus rubra (species).
  • taxid:1031566 Morus mesozygia (species), Morus mesozygia Stapf (authority).
  • taxid:66392 Morus australis (species), Aino mulberry (common name), Morus australis Poir. (synonym), Morus nigriformis (synonym), Morus nigriformis (Bureau) Koidz. (synonym), tang-gui mulberry (common name).
  • taxid:229048 Morus wittiorum (species), Morus wittiorum Hand.-Mazz. (synonym).
  • taxid:981085 Morus notabilis (species), Morus notabilis C.K.Schneid. (authority).
  • taxid:66393 Morus bombycis (species), Morus bombycis Koidz. (synonym), Morus kagayamae (synonym).
  • taxid:226895 Morus cathayana (species), Morus cathayana Hemsl. (authority), Morus taeliaefolia (misspelling), Morus taeliafolia (misspelling), Morus tiliaefolia (misspelling), Morus tiliifolia (synonym), Morus tiliifolia Makino (authority).
  • taxid:248361 Morus indica (species), Morus indica L. (synonym).
  • taxid:226896 Morus lhou (species), Morus lhou Koidz. (authority).
  • taxid:32202 Morus rubra (species), red mulberry (genbank common name).
  • taxid:191188 Morus macroura (species), Morus laevigata (synonym), Morus laevigata Wall. ex Brandis (authority), Morus macroura Miq. (authority).
  • taxid:226897 Morus rotundiloba (species), Morus rotundiliba (misspelling), Morus rotundiloba Koidz. (authority).
  • taxid:229049 Morus mongolica (species), Mongolian mulberry (common name), Morus mongolica (Bureau) C.K.Schneid. (synonym).
  • taxid:249543 Morus serrata (species), Morus serrata Roxb. (synonym).
  • taxid:643835 Morus murrayana (species), Morus murrayana D.E.Saar & S.J.Galla (authority).
  • taxid:3498 Morus alba (species), Morus acidosa (synonym), Morus alba L. (authority), Morus sinensis (synonym), Morus sinensis Hort. ex Loudon (authority), white mulberry (genbank common name).
  • taxid:229047 Morus mizuho (species), Morus mizuho Hotta (authority), Morus x mizuho (synonym), rui-sui mulberry (common name).
  • taxid:1031565 Morus insignis (species), Morus insignis Bureau (authority).
See also3497
ID   3497           TAXONOMY;
DE   Morus (genus).
PA   3487 (parent ID)
CC   synonym = Morus L., 1753
CC   genbank common name = mulberries
CC   common name = mulberry trees
CC   --------------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   This entry is a placeholder for the corresponding entry in the NCBI
CC   taxonomy
CC   --------------------------------------------------------------------------