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DescriptionFicus ottoniifolia (species), Ficus ottoniaefolia (synonym), Ficus ottonifolia (synonym), Ficus ottoniifolia (Miq.) Miq. (authority).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3493 Ficus (genus), Ficus L. 1753 (synonym), fig trees (common name), figs (genbank common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:669033 Ficus ottoniifolia subsp. ottoniifolia (subspecies).
  • taxid:309318 Ficus ottoniifolia subsp. macrosyce (subspecies), Ficus ottoniifolia subsp. macrosyce C.C.Berg (synonym).
See also309317
ID   309317           TAXONOMY;
DE   Ficus ottoniifolia (species).
PA   3493 (parent ID)
CC   synonym = Ficus ottoniaefolia
CC   synonym = Ficus ottonifolia
CC   authority = Ficus ottoniifolia (Miq.) Miq.
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