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DescriptionFicus americana (species), Ficus americana Aubl. (synonym), Ficus perforata (synonym), Ficus perforata L. (synonym).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3493 Ficus (genus), Ficus L. 1753 (synonym), fig trees (common name), figs (genbank common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:669029 Ficus americana subsp. guianensis (subspecies), Ficus americana guianensis (misspelling), Ficus americana subsp. guianensis (Desv. ex Ham.) C.C.Berg (authority), Ficus guianensis (synonym), Ficus guianensis Desv. ex Ham. (authority).
See also309276
ID   309276           TAXONOMY;
DE   Ficus americana (species).
PA   3493 (parent ID)
CC   synonym = Ficus americana Aubl.
CC   synonym = Ficus perforata
CC   synonym = Ficus perforata L.
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