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taxid:549 Pantoea agglomerans (species), "Bacillus milletiae" Kawakami and Yoshida 1920 (authority), "Bacterium herbicola" Geilinger 1921 (authority), "Bacterium herbicola" Lohnis 1911 (authority), "Pseudomonas herbicola" (Geilinger 1921) de'Rossi 1927 (authority), ATCC 27155 (type material), Bacillus milletiae (synonym), Bacterium herbicola (synonym), CCUG 539 (type material), CDC 1461-67 (type material), CFBP 3845 (type material), CIP 57.51 (type material), DSM 3493 (type material), Enterobacter agglomerans (synonym), Enterobacter agglomerans (Beijerinck 1888) Ewing and Fife 1972 (authority), Enterobacter agglomerans Ewing and Fife 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Beji et al. 1988 (authority), Enterobacter aglomerans (misspelling), Erwinia herbicola (synonym), Erwinia herbicola (Lohnis 1911) Dye 1964 (authority), Erwinia milletiae (synonym), Erwinia milletiae (Kawakami and Yoshida 1920) Magrou 1937 (Approved Lists 1980) (authority), ICMP 12534 (type material), ICPB 3435 (type material), JCM 1236 (type material), LMG 1286 (type material), NBRC 102470 (type material), NCTC 9381 (type material), Pantoea agglomerans (Beijerinck 1888) Gavini et al. 1989 (authority), Pantoea agglomerans (Ewing and Fife 1972) Gavini et al. 1989 (authority), Pantoea herbicola (synonym), Pseudomonas herbicola (synonym).
taxid:3493 Ficus (genus), Ficus L. 1753 (synonym), fig trees (common name), figs (genbank common name).
taxid:392886 Streptomyces sp. 3493 (species).