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  • Essential queries and operations (HTML query forms):
    • connect Connect (if you have an account, useless otherwise)
    • seq_query Query the sequences
    • mot_query Query the motifs
    • cla_query Query the classifications (e.g. Taxonomy)
    • hit_query Query the list of hit (sequence vs motif)
    • hat_query Query the list of hat (sequence vs classification)
    • hot_query Query the list of hot (motif vs classification)
    • mom_query Query the list of hit using metamotif, i.e. motif of motif
  • Exhaustive list of all queries and operations (HTML query forms)

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HitKeeper is a collection of software tools, mainly written in Perl/SQL, intended to help bioinformatic researchers with "friendly" tools. It allows fully automatic handling of multiple databases on a large scale, calculation of "hits", and querying.