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Advanced query of the list of hits. Refer to mom_query help for details.

Refer to the mom_query documentation for the complete syntax.

seq_source sw - Swiss-Prot
bact - Some complete proteomes from Bacteria
arch - Some complete proteomes from Archaea
euk - Some complete proteomes from Eukaryota
ur50 - UniRef50
ur50_win20 - UniRef50 window shuffled (w=20)
ecoli - Escherichia coli K12 proteome
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mot_source hamap - HAMAP profiles
pat - PROSITE patterns
freq_pat - PROSITE patterns (frequent match producers)
pre - More profiles
prf - PROSITE profiles
ipat - The PROSITE patterns from InterPro
iprf - The PROSITE profiles from InterPro
ipfam - The PFAM motifs from InterPro
ismart - The SMART motifs from InterPro
ihamap - The HAMAP profiles from InterPro
pfam_fs - Pfam HMMs (local models)
pfam_ls - Pfam HMMs (global models)
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