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For querying the 'hot' lists (motif vs classification). Refer to hot_query help for details.

mot_source hamap - HAMAP profiles
pat - PROSITE patterns
freq_pat - PROSITE patterns (frequent match producers)
pre - More profiles
prf - PROSITE profiles
ipat - The PROSITE patterns from InterPro
iprf - The PROSITE profiles from InterPro
ipfam - The PFAM motifs from InterPro
ismart - The SMART motifs from InterPro
ihamap - The HAMAP profiles from InterPro
pfam_fs - Pfam HMMs (local models)
pfam_ls - Pfam HMMs (global models)

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cla_source mnxref_2 - MetaNEtX/MNXref namespace Version 3
taxid - The NCBI Taxonomy
bigg_mnet - Metabolic networks from BiGG
seed_mnet - Metabolic networks from SEED
slip_mnet - Metabolic pathways from SwissLipids
biocyc_mnet - Metabolic pathways from BioCyc
maranas_mnet - Metabolic networks from Maranas lab
yeastnet_mnet - Metabolic networks from YeastNet
misc_mnet - Miscellaneous metabolic networks
hmr_mnet - Metabolic network from HMR
mnx_medium - Growth medium from MetaNetX
mnxmol - mnxmol
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