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Motif scanning means finding all known motifs that occur in a sequence. This form lets you paste a protein sequence, select the collections of motifs to scan for, and launch the search.
A document deals with the interpretation of the match scores. You should consult the home pages of Prosite on ExPASy, Pfam and InterPro for additional information.

If your proteins of interest are already in the sequence databases (see list), the Query by Protein form is much faster, and the Protein Hub provides a collection of tools that you might find useful.
Sequence Input

Mandatory parameters
mot_source perox - PeroxiBase profiles
hamap - HAMAP profiles
pat - PROSITE patterns
freq_pat - PROSITE patterns (frequent match producers)
prf - PROSITE profiles
pre - More profiles
pfam_fs - Pfam HMMs (local models)
pfam_ls - Pfam HMMs (global models)

The scan might take a few minutes.